Emma and Maisy

Emma belongs to Katie and Maisy belong to Jeannett.  They were born 5/07, we brought them home at 8 weeks. They have a couple of nicknames, "the terrible terriers", "the satan sisters", they are quite a pair. Maisy is perfect (of course she's mine). Emma is a monster. They are both extremely agile and athletic dogs, they fear nothing. We hope to teach them to go over agility courses some time in the near future.



This is Erik's pound puppy. He is the best dog ever!


Isabelle and Chloe

Isabelle is my empty nest dog. When Erik started kindergarten, I was so lonely. It was either another child or a puppy. Bob voted for a puppy. She was perfect, I had to carry her around all the time she was so snuggly. She still is a little heat vampire.  Chloe is our "special" dog. She is not too bright but very sweet.


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