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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Planted  various varieties of pepper and tomatoes, 24 plants of each.  I'm almost out of room in the garden.  I think I'll plant corn and that should finish up the planting part of the job. Now all that is left is weed, weed, water, curse the rabbits, chickens, raccoons, weed, weed, water, hope nobody eats the ripening vegetables.
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Monday, May 16, 2011

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Oh my, what have I done?  After my successful llama trimming, I was feeling quite confident in my barbering skills.  Shaved Emma, turned out great, I'm an accomplished terrier trimmer.  Shaved Ceaser, Olive, Ninja and Gretchen, um...let's just say my phone won't be ringing with folks asking me to shave their goats.  Ninja took the worst of it, in my defense she was the worst behaved goat.  I'd say weed whacker accident, or fell into an automatic chicken plucker, or maybe some foolish, over-confident women with sharp clipper blades.....basically someone should have stopped me.  Ceaser was first and doesn't look half bad, he loved being shaved, he arched his back like a cat and leaned into the clipper like it really felt good.  The bratty girls, on the other hand, were awful.  Ninja bloodied Bob's arm with her hooves, she was determined to keep the hair around her udder!  Maybe next year Katie will do the honors.
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Medusa is naked!  I have not been looking forward to shaving a llama.  Luckily, my brother agreed to come down and assist.  It was very confidence boosting to have someone with experience nearby, just in case.  As it turned out the job was easy peasy.  Meduse was so well behaved, no spitting, no kicking, just cooperation. She was terribly matted, but I had two new clipper blades at the ready and we managed to get the mats off without too much trouble.  It is obvious an amature clipped her, it's a little on the choppy side, but she is much cooler now.  I had been told to be prepared, once the hair was off I should see hips and some spine, kind of shaped like the goats.  I did not see hips or spine, what I did see was a rather fat llama!  Oh well, guess she fits right in around here.
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