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Thursday, September 23, 2010

No more coyote sightings, thank goodness! Medusa seems to be fitting in quite well.  She is all about the snacks, if she thinks I have anything in my hand, she is my best friend. She still fears the pigs will attack at any moment. Allie and Maggie continue to entertain me, I've never had two unrelated kids that spend so much time together. They both went to our local town festival as petting zoo goats.  Allie was quite the show off, Maggie was crabby and didn't want anyone to touch her. That really surprised me. Last week we went to the Freeman homecoming, I brought Lidia along too, she was very well behaved. She carefully nibbled food from the little kids, unlike Allie, who spent her time pushing Maggie away from the kids. We got to educate a few people about goats and the girls entertained everyone so I guess I'm glad we went.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Drama, drama, again.  Coyote killed one of the goats. We were all horrified, I knew they had the potential to take a goat, I never thought it would happen. The girls were pretty jumpy for awhile after, everything startled them.  The chickens stopped going out in the pasture, they stayed in my front yard.  Trying to pull up my driveway without running over a chicken gave the place a certain hillbilly-redneck feel. We staked out the field for a few days and we did see the coyote come back.  He jumped the fence into the buck pen and started moving toward Slim.  Slim wasn't the least bit afraid and started toward the coyote like they were long lost buddies.  Bob raised his gun to aim, the coyote saw the movement, spun and ran, Bob fired off a shot anyway. I decided it really wasn't practical to sit in the field everyday, so I started looking for another llama.  I found Medusa.  She is used to guarding sheep, but her flock was sold to someone who had a guard dog and she wasn't welcome. She apparently isn't too familiar with pigs.  She freaked out when she saw them and herded the goats to the barn and stood in the doorway on alert for 20 min.  Goaties were NOT amused, first of all they don't appreciate being herded, they were quite sure Medusa had gone on a rant and was attacking them.  Secondly, they didn't find being herded too dignified.  I, of course, was thrilled to see her being so protective...come visit now, you stinkin coyote!
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