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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
First, the good.  Allie has been reunited with her mother! After 3 1/2 weeks of living in my house not really knowing if she was human or dog or what, Allie now knows she is all goat! Allie had been going to the barn with me everyday to milk.  While I worked she jumped around on the hay bales, sniffed at the big goats and just got into to lots of trouble.  One evening she came into the milking stall while her mother, Domino, was on the stanchion. I thought what a big waste of time it was to milk Domino, take the milk to the house, pour the milk in a bottle, feed milk to baby, how about if I just scoop up Allie and see if she can just drink it directly from the teat and cut out the middle man? Instinct is a strong thing.  She latched on and drank herself stupid on warm milk. Domino was clueless as she had grain in front of her and everyone knows a goat eating  grain could have a leg amputated and not notice.  Next day I took Allie to the field a few times for her meals.  Domino stood still and let her drink, that was a shock.  After the 3rd or 4th time, as I scooped Allie up and left the field, Domino decided she wanted that baby back.  She screamed and ran up and down the fence until I returned the baby.  Domino was happy, but Allie was confused.  Katie, Erik and I took turns babysitting Allie in the field for the rest of the day.  I put mom and baby in a stall that night and by morning they had worked it all out. Allie is now a real goat, she knows only mom will let her drink (that was a painful lesson), she knows when mom calls you better come (got left in the rain once before she figured that one out), and best of all she has someone to cuddle up with at night.  The bad....I watched as a coyote came and stole a chicken this morning, right next to the barn.  I suppose Erik will have to join me tomorrow morning, armed with some sort of fire power and see if we can't nip this in the bud. As for The Ugly.....Chloe was bitten by a pig.  I cannot believe it didn't kill her.  Chloe weighs 9 pounds, the pig 60.  That poor little dog looks terrible, she has drains in her chest and neck and stitches all up one side of her body. She doesn't seem to be in pain, she's just tired of being confined in a crate. Hopefully she's learned to stay out of the pig pen, but honestly, I'm afraid she's not that smart.
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

We are finally done having babies!  Ninja finished up yesterday, a boy and a girl. The girl looks like a little white faced black & white spotted cow. The boy is tan across his back and it fades to white as it goes down his body. I took Allie to the barn with me to check on them, she is the same size as the new girl. Erik weighed Allie for me and at 3 weeks old she now weighs what a newborn should, 8 pounds! Allie is currently sleeping on my deck with the dogs. She's been visiting the field with me and she isn't too interested in those big smelly goats out there. She'd much rather romp with the pups. We did bring home our new buck, Slim Shady.  He and Ceaser are the best of buds already. Bob and Erik have all but finished the fencing around the new buck pasture. They still need to finish the electric fence around the top. That will be very important in a month or so when the bucks will want to visit the ladies.
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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Allie continues to thrive.  She went to the vet yesterday for a hernia repair and dis-budding. She was pretty miserable last night. The hernia was on her belly and it hurts to lay on it, she tried to sleep standing and when that didn't work she tried standing on her back-legs and kneeling on her front.  We gave something for pain this morning and she's laying on her side sleeping. I hope this heals quickly, it isn't fun watching her suffer.  We are getting ready to add a new buck to the field. Erik is spending the day tearing out an old fence and hopefully tonight Bob can auger holes for new posts.  I'd like to have a new sturdy fence if there's going to be two bucks trying to tear it down! 
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