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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The little doe took a turn for the worse.  On day three she could no longer stand, she stopped sucking and pooping. On day four the baby bloated and I told Katie, time was up. I felt like we had reached the point that the animal was in pain and had given up. I got a phone call saying where is your son, he has a makeup baseball game in two minutes.  We rushed off to the game and Katie stayed home.  Hours later we came home and Katie met me at the door.  She said I gave the kid pepto bismol and she pooped and I got her to eat a little.  What could I say to that? I was pleased that she had taken the initiative to try something regardless of what I thought.  I warned her that this didn't really change much and try not to get her hopes up. Next day Katie continued to hold the limp goat every two hours and attempted to get food and baking soda (for the bloat) into her. It was awful to watch how stressed Katie was and how completely limp the kid was.  The following morning I came into the kitchen to find the kid sitting up looking at me.  I fixed a bottle and she sucked down the one ounce I had made.  So I made her a second bottle and she ate that one too.  I woke Katie and said you need to come look at your goat.  She smiled at me and said,"I know, we had a talk and she decided to live during the night." Allie is now 10 days old and is acting like a completely normal obnoxious baby goat.  She is running and jumping and wanting her momma Katie to feed her all the time.  What have we gotten ourselves into?
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Where to begin??  Two mornings ago I went to the barn to milk. I step in and peek over the stall gate to say good morning to the ladies and my heart stops.  Domino, who isn't due to have kids for 10 days, has had tripletsNothing looks right, everyone is very still, including Domino. There are too many goats milling about wondering what the hold up is, where's the grain?  I tell myself 20 minutes isn't going to change anything, obviously they weren't recently born, they are dry already.  I take the first two out to milk and start to work.  As I milk, I keep looking toward the stall and I see Domino move.  Then I panic, I had convinced myself that mom and kids were all dead and mom obviously isn't (yet) so now I need to get in there.  I call Katie on her cell and of course when I have to say out-loud what has happened I start to cry so all I can get out is, I need you guys at the barn. I continue to milk goats, Katie arrives at the barn in seconds.  I finish milking we lock everyone out of the barn and check on Domino.  Two of the three babies are breathing and Domino seems weak and dazed. Erik arrives and each of my kids takes one of the goat kids, wraps them in a towel and starts rubbing to stimulate them. These are the weakest kids I have ever seen, they can't hold their heads up, they just flop as we work on them.  Domino doesn't like the babies out of sight so she gets up to check things out.  I give her grain and a bucket of water, which she sucked down. She had not passed the placenta so I called the vet.  Long story short, Katie managed to get colostrum into each kid.  They couldn't be left with Domino because they were much too weak to stand. Katie fed them every two hours all day, all night and all the following day.  24 hours later, we lost one of the babies.  That was very hard for everyone, but especially Katie as she has invested a lot of emotion into saving these kids. Today it's day two and the doe kid is still alive.   She can stand but can't walk, her sucking reflex is there just very weak. She pretty much sleeps constantly.  Domino is so distraught. She's not interested in food, she is going off by herself, which really worries me.  We are treating her for infection and trying to entice her to eat with goodies.  This is a gut-wrenching time around here.  Will update with good news I hope.
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summertime! I love it.  I can't believe how fabulous the weather has been.  The pool is open and looks great.  Kids are already sunburned.  I've finally decided Erik is old enough to run the weedeater. If I had known how much help was going to be, I would have decided he was old enough at six! Rotten Calvin got in the garden and ate the leaves off the apple trees.  I hope they will survive. Got a little more fencing done and now all of the little boys are sharing a field with Ceaser. The barn isn't so crowded anymore. Lyra has turned into a fine first year milker, she certainly puts Leanne to shame. (Can you tell I've had too much caffeine today, I am really blurting random thoughts).  I have now mastered the homemade tortilla!! I know, nobody really cares except me.  I love tortillas but hate the ingredient list on the store-bought ones. I have tried several recipes and couldn't produce a thin, tasty, flexible tortilla. That all changed last night...and they were still yummy today at lunch! It's really the little things in life that make me happy.
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