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Friday, April 30, 2010

Too many changes!  Ares has gone to his new home, we delivered him to a pasture of lovely Alpine ladies. I am definitely resting easy, he has a great setup.  The folks that bought him are going to let him stay with the girls full-time, unlike here where he only got to go out on the occasional "date". Sure beats rooming with Caesar!  Now the search is on for another Nubian buck.   We've decided we'd like not one but two of Marjean's doelings.  They should be joining us next weekend. Two of my babies went to their new home very nearby, I can see them when I drive by their house on my way to town. I will try not to crash my car as I rubberneck. Got a few new milk customers in the last 2 weeks, the people I meet through goats-whether it be buying a goat, or milk or cheese- are the nicest people ever.  They get to know me and my family and they bring their families down to meet the goats, it's all so warm and fuzzy, I love it. Now let's hope it dries out so I can plant more goodies in the garden.
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Monday, April 12, 2010

Warning: This tale is not for the squeamish.  I don't quite know when it happened.  I honestly thought of myself as only a little bit redneck,you know in the cheesemaking, goat herding, quirky kind of way. But apparently when I wasn't looking I, or should I say we, became full on rednecks.  Tonight the family gathered around the flare gun as my son took aim at the diesel soaked (abandoned) chicken house.  A cheer went up as the flare found its mark and a whoosh of flame shot skyward.  I don't think it gets anymore redneck than that, wait.....we were not consuming alcohol at the time, maybe there is still hope.  Disclaimer: All chickens were relocated and unharmed, hopefully the eleventy million mice that were residing in the aforementioned house were harmed.  the end.
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

I was outside yesterday weeding, can't believe how fast the weeds are growing, when Bob hollers at me from the barn.. "Do you want me to clean out the barn?" I say yes, as I've dropped a few hints all day that this was a job that REALLY needed to be done today.  He says, "Are you sure? Olive is just laying in here all by herself"  OMG he is such a man!  I head to the barn to find my poor baby girl in labor.  I kicked him out of the barn, pulled up a bucket, comforted my goaty girl and waited for something to happen.  She is such a sweet girl.  She layed her head in my lap while I scratched her cheeks.  Everytime she had a contraction she'd raise her head, cry a bit then put it back in my lap.  I've never felt more guilt in my life!  I kept telling her how sorry I was to put her through this.  When things got serious she started pacing, nothing was comforting to her.  Bob came back to the barn and waited outside the stall door.  When we finally had baby parts sticking out, they didn't look quite right.  Her first baby had one front leg and one back leg trying to come first.  Poor Bob, when her realized I was going to rearrange some baby legs, he kept saying I'd like to go wait in the house now.  But, being the good guy he is, he handed me gloves and held Olive's collar.  We managed to find the other front leg and got the back leg out of the way and eventually she had a baby boy.  Followed shortly by another baby boy.   We just can't make girls this year.   Olive and the boys are recovering nicely in their private suite.  She is such a good mom, maybe that's why she's my favorite.
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Here we go again.  Olive was due yesterday.  I am very impatient. She is my favorite goat, I've been out to check on her today several times, she really doesn't seem ready just wishful thinking. Tonight's the night, it's stormy, don't they say that's when it will happen?

My cheese class on Saturday is full, it's the first one of the year.  I think we've got a good mix of people. Can't wait to talk cheese!

We to drain and clean out my back yard pond, what a nightmare!  Bob is a saint, because when I say we I mean he.  It was a nasty job.  We had probably 100 huge bullfrogs try to overwinter in the pond and they didn't survive. 

Hopefully I'll have baby news tomorrow.

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