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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Went to visit Marjean's babies yesterday. OMG they are beautiful.  She has some very flashy baby girls. Katie has decided to show a goat in FFA, but I'm not willing to let any of my big girls leave the farm (disease exposure).  So.. just what we need, Marjean has graciously consented to let Katie choose one of her babies to be the FFA goat.  It was very hard to pick a goat based on conformation and not on color.  Of course, the plain brown goat is the one she likes best.  This will be a whole new experience for us, Katie will have a lot to learn.  Bob is looking forward to it, this means he has an excuse to travel a bit. 

My niece, Samantha brought her baby boy home on Monday (human baby, how weird).  He is a little dolly, I guess all babies are, can't wait til he's toddling around in mud boots going to the barn with me.

Spring fever has really hit hard, I can't wait to be in the garden.  Green beans are growing on the kitchen table (thank you Sherrie), a few other seeds have started. I asked Bob to pick up a few tomatillas for me the other day, he came home with 30 lbs. of them.  I spent yesterday making and canning salsa verde (40 pints).  Unfortunately, I only have 2 recipes that call for salsa verde!  Feel free to email me any recipes you may have.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Here we go on the weather rollercoaster.  The big temperature changes aren't making the babies happy.  I have one with a runny nose. I suppose it will spread to the others, but maybe not.  It's just like having a pen full of toddlers, okay that's not right, I wouldn't actually keep toddlers in a pen and hopefully I wouldn't have five of them. Sorry, anyway, these little goat toddlers are putting everything in their mouths, one finds something fun to play with, say like a really fun feed pan and he starts picking it up and carrying it around and one of the other goat toddlers sees it and decides that look likes the most fun thing ever and steals it from the first toddler.  Then a lot of pushing and shoving ensues and pretty soon they've forgotten about the cool feed pan and everybody starts playing a game of chase that little kid around the pen until somebody starts showing off and jumping a little too high and it all ends in a heap at the bottom of the hill.  Baby goats-a spectator sport!
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Sunday, March 7, 2010

I think spring has sprung.  My back yard is a mud pit (the first sign of spring).  I wish I lived in a nice sub-division with lots and lots of concrete. I've scrubbed the fur off of the dogs, they've had way more baths than Erik. Speaking of Erik he went and turned 12 on me. Sneaky kid. I can't believe how tall he is getting.

Critters are all doing well.  Jennifer is milking about 6 pounds a day and Gretchen is milking 8-9 a day. We won't discuss Leanne's dismal performance. I'm going with it's her first year and nobody does well their first year (except Olive, but she's special).  Babies are starting to act like grown ups, they are eating hay now and they're nibbling grass. Marjean called Friday to announce the arrival of triplets in her barn. Two girls and a boy, I'm so envious. I hope to get a peek at them today, there really is nothing cuter than Nubian babies. 

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