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Monday, February 22, 2010

Do I have the prettiest girl ever??  I can't believe my daughter is 15. (Dang, I'm old). It's not fair! Time is flying by! She was two years old begging me to let her have pierced ears, then she was four, telling me about the resteraunt she was going to have, "The Lavender Crumb". School started (that's when time really fast forwarded). Karate, gymnastics, swim team, four wheeling, blink, blink, driving and now 15. I think I'm going back to bed. Or maybe I'll go to school and peek in the windows. I should have had six kids.
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

I updated the 2010 baby pictures. Hopefully they will load a little faster. I brought everybody outside to enjoy the sunshine, there isn't anything cuter than baby goats playing together.  They race, they leap, they jump on everything. The everything includes other goats, it is so funny to see them harrasing the big goats.  Big girls are trying to munch their hay in peace and enjoy the sunshine, babies are pretending to be ninjas or bouncing balls or something.  They run around as fast as they can, aim for a big goat, leap up and spring off of the side of an unhappy big girl.  The big girls reflexes aren't quit fast enough to butt the babies, but they certainly try.  Big girls don't play fair either, sometimes a baby gets a little too close and they get a bite on the ear or tail, ouch!
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gretchen had her superbowl baby Sunday morning. A boy, of course, but a really cute one.  He is the typical Alpine black with white underbelly and white face stripes.  He is the hairiest baby I've ever seen. Kids are calling him St. Colton, Bob says we should call him Ox. That brings the count to 4 boys, St. Colton, Emmet, Sputnik & Chewy, and  one girl, Inara.  I took Emmet & Sputnik in for disbud and castration yesterday morning.  The vet called shortly before I was to pick them up to tell me Emmet wouldn't stop bleeding. We brought Sputnik home and put him back with Leanne, the vet kept Emmet for the day and dropped him off at our house in the evening. Apparantly he had knicked an artery, which they finally found and clamped.  Leanne was happy to have both boys back.  I'll give them a day or two before I switch them to bottles and then it's milking time for me. Yeah, finally.
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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Round two.  Jennifer had two beautiful babies last nite. A boy, mostly white, and finally a girl, dark brown and white, very cute. Jennifer's udder is huge and hanging low, the babies have to actually lay on their bellies to nurse! I did not witness them nursing, just a lot of trying, so I got up a couple of times last nite and helped them out.  I couldn't sleep thinking about hungry babies.  Jennifer is such a good mom.  Babies have a heat lamp inside of their "teepee", she lays at the door with her head inside to be near them.  Leanne however, lays at the far side of the stall when her babies go in their teepee.  She is feeding her babies now without complaining. That will all change in 2 days, babies will be castrated and disbudded and put on a bottle. I don't think Leanne will care, she's ready to get back out with the other girls.  Gretchen is due tomorrow. She looks like she's carrying a single kid (hope for another girl).


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