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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Two days early. That's a first!  Bob went to the barn this morning and came back to the house and said I think Leanne's about to pop out a kid.  It was 14 degrees, brrr. She was pushing by the time I got up there.  And she pushed and pushed and pushed and the big bugger just wouldn't budge.  They usually push 3 or 4 times after you can see little feet and out comes the baby. Not this time. She pushed 30 times and nothin. Buttercup (Leannes ' mother)was right there by Leanne's side the whole time. She would lick Leanne's head and nuzzle her neck, it was really very sweet. I finally got my nerve up and pulled the baby while Leanne pushed and out came a large white baby. (he who has not been named), seconds later #2 slid out (Katie is calling him Sputnik). They are both boys (bummer). Leanne wanted nothing to do with them. She wouldn't clean them or go near them. I waited about half an hour then put them all in a private room.  Bob went to school and got Katie, and then we dried the babies, Leanne was screaming at the stall gate wanting away from them desperately.  We had a lot of trouble getting the white one to eat, he didn't eat for hours, which has never happened before.  This evening all is well, Leanne is still not sure about them but if we hold her she is letting them nurse without kicking.  so... some imrovement, I think by tomorrow it will all be good or we'll be feeding the with bottles.
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Monday, January 25, 2010

Five more days!  Five more days and our first babies of the season are due. I have mixed emotions about that.  I have really enjoyed my freedom these fabulous two whole months. But I have sorely missed my yogurt.  The weather forcast for the big day is (no suprise) cold. Erik has a basketball game on Saturday, I hope goaties cooperate and let me go, I love to watch the kids play sports. Katie's goat Leann will be the first to kid, soooo Katie is going to be a busy girl for the next few months. She has been great these last two months, feeding without grumbling in the if I could get her to cut out the grumbling the rest of the day.
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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh my winter is really here.  The critters are going a little stir crazy.  We've got quite a bit of snow on the ground so the girls are spending their days hiding in the barn eating lots of hay. The close quarters has led to a few spats between the ladies.  Olive and Jennifer spent the day cracking heads, I wonder what set them off? They need a referee, Jennifer had hold of Olive's collar and wouldn't let go.  Was she keeping her from butting her or was she just trying to be obnoxious? I eventually removed both of their collars, I was afraid they'd choke each-other.  Today we apparently have a truce, it's 10 degrees out, so everyone needs to get along and share body heat.

I have spent the last few days knitting snowboarder hats. (You know the kind wih flaps over the ears and braids).  This is the most satisfying knitting project ever, I can finish a hat in a day.  I'm going through my chunky yarn stash pretty quickly,(I still have plenty of sock yarn). Wow, Katies right, I have turned into an odd old lady.  Knitting, baking, rambling about my goats. Oh well, it could be worse.  I could volunteer at her school, (she'd die).

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