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Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving was excellent.  We had guests from 2pm until 10pm. We had 16 for dinner and 4 more for pie. It got down to 22 last night and then up to 65 today, crazy weather! Bob has my milk stall all winterized, he went to the barn 20 min before me and turned on the heater so it was nice and cozy when I went up to milk.  Olive is the only one still being milked so it doesn't take long to do chores anymore. Four girls are bred, three more to go.  First due date is Jan 30th, what was I thinking, brrr. Hopefully I won't be without milk next year, we are spreading out babies this time.  Of course I'll be bottle feeding babies for maybe the rest of my life, but hopefully the year-round milk, cheese and yogurt will be worth it.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

We decided to raise a couple of pigs again.  I'm not sure how well this will work with the cold weather, but the thought of running out of pork is unthinkable. We've set them up in a cozy house in the barn with access to an outside pen.  So far, they aren't very interested in venturing out. They are still pretty small.
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fall is definitely here! brrr.  We brought Ceasar home this weekend, he had a nice month long visit with Marjean Unruh's girls. (the Nubian kind) We put him back in the buck pen with Ares and all seemed well.  An hour later Erik came inside and informed me Ceasar and Ares were bashing each-others heads in. Bob wasn't home, so Katie, Erik and I headed out to break it up.  When we got over there, it was a mess.  Ares has a small scur (horn) that had broken off with the fighting, there was blood everywhere! Katie manned the gate, I went in and grabbed Ceasar's collar (Ares wasn't wearing one). Ceasar outweighs me by 75 pounds, I didn't have much luck moving him. Eventually I got him into the stall, which was closer to the gate but much more confined so I kept getting stepped on and slammed. Did I mention everytime they butted each-other blood splattered. We finally managed to get Ceasar through the gate, Katie slammed it shut, now what to do with two homicidal bucks?  We spent Sunday building a second buck pen, so now the boys are neighbors instead of roommates. I hope when breeding season is over they can be friends again.

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