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Friday, October 23, 2009

My baby girl is driving!  How can this be?  She really was my baby yesterday.  She took her test on Thursday and got her permit.  She drove home from Harrisonville, giggling every 30 seconds, she did a suprisingly good job. (except for the giggling).  Kids are out of school today and when Bob called and asked me to bring some tools to his job for him, Katie was up and ready and kindly volunteered to drive me.  She drove the hour to the job, in moderate traffic, on three lane highway, no giggling this time, we arrived safely.  I decided to drive back home, my nerves couldn't take another hour!  We stopped at the cider mill for apple cider, now we are going to try out a recipe for homemade cider doughnuts, mmmm can't wait. (I've got no dinner planned, so I really hope they turn out).

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