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Thursday, August 6, 2009

We decided to take a quick end of summer camping trip. Our first stop was Bennett Springs where we kayaked.  We brought the terriers with us on the water, they loved it!  They balanced on the bow of our boats, we lost Emma in the water a few times, (I think she jumped in on purpose). We traveled to southeast Missouri and hiked in Wapapello State Park.  The hike was great until it was over and Bob & Erik realized they were covered in seed ticks. (They didn't need the bug spray mom suggested).  They are each covered in little red welts, I really mean COVERED!  We decided no more hiking, so we headed back to Bennett Springs and kayaked again.  This time I packed lots of food and we stopped half way and had lunch while the dogs ran through the water tackling each other.  It was a very nice way to end our summer.

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