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Thursday, July 23, 2009

This month is flying by, kids will be in school in less than a month :(  The weather has been so mild it hasn't really felt like summer.  Creatures are all well.  The pigs took a walk off the property this week.  That was an unpleasant suprise.  We used a bucket of milk to lure them back home, one pig got too close to the edge of a sharp drop off ( I don't know how high it must be to qualify as an actual cliff, but it looked very cliff-like to me), and fell off into the creek.  Luckily he was uninjured but he decided he really liked hanging out in the creek, wallowing in the cool water, rooting under rocks for little yummy snacks.  When a 175 pound pig doesn't want to move, he's not moving.  Bob and Erik (and thank goodness Jack stopped by), had to get the pig to swim up the creek to a spot that wasn't too steep to climb out.  (I stayed at the top of the cliff calling out encouraging and helpful suggestions.)  The grumpy pig finally made it home, Bob was completely soaked (cell phone number 3 trashed), Erik walked through stinging nettle and was miserable,  that pig is gonna taste good!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

So I've got this clever idea, I'm going to teach a goat to pull a cart! Now let me back up, I sold two more babies this weekend, that leaves me with Olive's babies, Lyra and Calvin, both of which I'm keeping.  Calvin is a wether and he's going to be a big boy, so I'm thinking harness goat. It's so hard to find pet homes for the boys, but what if they are cute boys that can pull carts??  I found a brand new cart nearby for cheap cheap and I ordered a harness on-line, which arrived this week.  After staring at the harness for 3 days trying to figure out how the heck I put it on a goat,(there are lots of straps and buckles, lots!)  I decided to torture Buttercup (Calvin's still too small).   ooooweee did she hate my guts.  I will try again (with treats).  In the meantime Bob and Erik are giving me rides around the yard in the cart.  If I could figure out a way to covertly photograph them, I would share this ridiculousness with you.
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