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Monday, March 30, 2009

The suspense is over

I went to the barn to do my chores this morning, fed and milked everyone, still no babies.  I peeked at the barn cam an hour later and Domino was looking at her newborn baby.  I cannot believe in one hours time she went from no labor signs (that I could discern anyway) to not one but two babies.  She had a girl and a tiny little boy.  She is a complete dingbat, she is cleaning and caring for them, but she won't let them nurse.  I held her still so they could have a go, but if I don't hold her she won't have it.  I'll be bottle feeding the girl and she'll have to get it right with the boy. I'll post pictures soon, they are both dark brown with a little splash of white on top of the head.  Bob can't decide if we should call the boy espresso (with a splash of cream, the way he likes it) or Mica for micascopic. (that's a stretch).

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The stage is's a blizzard outside, Domino is due.   Nothing at 8, nothing at noon, nothing at 4, the suspense is killing me!  On a happier note, my broody chicken problem has been solved.  The silkies think they want to be mommies.  I bought fertile eggs.  I put 10 eggs under the silky, my friend Ryan put the rest under his hen Harley.  The 26th marked day 21 , the final one, of our baby chick countdown.  Ryan called me at 10pm to say he peeked under the hen with a flashlight and counted 7 chicks.  He convinced me I just HAD to go and look at my eggs.  So I did, bummer, just eggs.  I did not have high hopes that she would be able to hatch anything, apparantley she is a very picky potential mother.  The eggs I put under her were all different shades of brown, she decided she wasn't sitting on my favorite dark dark brown Welsummer eggs.  She rolled a Welsummer egg out of the nest everyday until there was nothing but 4 light brown eggs left. So on day 22 I went out and peeked and there was 1 little chick and 2 big fat mommas trying to sit on it at the same time.  Then when I went to milk at night I peeked again and there were 2 little flat chicks with their big fat mommas.  On day 23 (today) I peeked in the morning and there are 3 little chicks!  I am curious to see if they will share mothering duties or if one will take over baby care.  Yay, babies are born that I don't have to take care of.
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More babies

We spent a fabulous weekend working outside, the temp. was in the 70's.  At noon on Sunday I checked on Olive, she was in the field grazing with the others.  At 3:00, Erik went to the barn and started running some screws in something that Bob & Erik had been working on. At 3:15 Bob joined Erik at the barn and saw Olive in the stall with two babies!  I can't believe she had those kids and Erik didn't even notice!  She had two giant kids, a boy and a girl.  I'm sooo tired.  I'm feeding babies every 4 hours. 8am til midnight.  A few more days and I'll cut out the midnight feeding.  Started planting potatoes in the garden today, how exciting.  I love this time of year, we can spend the entire day outside, I feel very productive, (and sore), I can't believe how flabby I am from sitting absolutely still all winter long (go figure).

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Babies have arrived
Jennifer had a set of twin boys yesterday.  I can't believe she only had two, she was small car size! She managed to sneak in the birth sometime in the wee morning hours. I came out to feed around 8 and the barn was unusually quiet. I hate that feeling that something is not quite right, I didn't want to look in the stall.  I'm also terribly impatient so of course, I looked.  Jennifer was snuggled up with one of the boys the other was alone on the opposite side of the stall.  It was 18 degrees and the lonely one was still a little damp.  It didn't look like the babies had nursed yet.  I got everybody up and the boys both tried to eat but momma wasn't havin any of that!  Her udder was huge and hard (and I assume sore).  Bob and I got the babies under a heat lamp in the baby stall and then I put Jennifer on the stantion and milked her.  (I forgot how thick the colostrum is).  Both boys drank their fill from the bottle and settled down for a nap. It took her all of 30 seconds to forget the babies and head out to graze in the field. Mom of the year!  Since we don't plan to keep the babies we don't name them, but Austin came to see them and called one fast feet and the other loud mouth.  So we have been calling them Speedy and Loud Mouth. (how sad is that) They must find homes soon so they can have real names! 
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