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Friday, January 23, 2009

Christmas was great,  kids enjoyed their school break.  Katie is going to Denmark in May.  She is beside herself, I'm so proud of Erik, he managed to keep Katie's trip a secret from her for months. Erik broke out with chicken pox the day before Christmas break was over. He missed a week of school. Katie has them this week, she has missed a week of school.  I've never had them, (please let's keep it that way).  It's been hard being quarantined for so long.  Critters are well, Jennifer's got a little baby bump, I'm guessing there's more than one in there.  I hope no more than two. Last year Buttercup had triplets, Katie and I were there for the birth, it was really scary. The third baby was backward with only one leg showing, luckily she delivered him successfully.  More later :)

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